Big-bag marking

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All big bags should be permanently marked by means of a permanently visible, legible label or permanent print on the big bag, which is visible and legible after filling the big bag.

The following data should be included:

  • name and address of the manufacturer,
  • manufacturer’s standard, which should be unique,
  • supplier’s name and address, if required,
  • load capacity (SWL) in kilograms,
  • safety factor (SF) 5: 1, 6: 1 or 8: 1,
  • reference to this standard,
  • big bag class – heavy – reusable, several times – standard use or single use,
  • test certificate number (must be unique for each type), month and year of issue of the certificate,
  • the name of the authorized laboratory,
  • big bag production date, month, year,
  • pictograms with operating (hanging) instructions,
  • details of special treatment as described in point 3.7.

Where the big bag is certified in relation to a specific product
a description of this product should be attached. The label layout should look like this