8 Big Bag Loop Cutting Machine

8 Big Bag Loop Cutting Machine. This machine automatically cuts belts, ropes, or loops.

CEx8 is a powerful automatic shears designed especially for the FIBC (Super Sack) clothing industry.

They have an easily adjustable tracking system that allows you to simultaneously make up to two traces of ink on a baby carrier, which then serves as a reference to the position and stitches on the FIBC accordingly.

Programming in the controller the length and position of characters that will serve as a reference for the seamstress in the next production process.
Automatically cut sling and marking for later sewing.

Cutting slings or belts can be solved in the line of knives C1300 and C2000, despite the specially designed equipment, in versions 4 and 8 slings; [CEx4] and [CEx8] allow for reference marking, which is very useful in later sewing the body of big bags or super bags

The mark can be made by automatic ink stamping or small perforation with a thermal pin. This new proprietary Simplemak® allows you to see references from both sides, and the system is completely maintenance free.

CEx8 Model

  • Max. number of loops: 8
  • Max. cutting width: 80 mm
  • Production rate: *100 pieces/min
  • Distance to first mark (D1): 0 – 150 mm
  • Distance between marks (D2): customizable
  • Weight: 280 kg
  • Supply voltage: 3×220 V V/3x380V
  • Line frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz
  • Rated current: 3.2 A
  • Power: 0.7 KVA
  • Working pressure: 6 bar
  • Air consumption: 1.6 l/min
  • Max. roll diameter : 750 mm
  • Dimensions: ( A ) 1160 mm ( B ) 1250 mm ( C ) 1200 mm

(*) For cutting length = 120 cm.