JB SYSTEM authorized distributor of SIMPLEMAK machines

Based on many years of experience in supporting the packaging industry for the industry, we offer our clients ready solutions necessary for the production of FIBC – Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers

About us

We are an authorized supplier of SIMPLEMAK devices. Based on many years of experience in supporting the packaging industry for the industry, we would like to offer our customers ready-made solutions necessary for production FIBC – Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers, also known as BIG BAGS.
Our goal is to provide technical equipment, consumables, spare parts and service. For our customers, we have chosen reliable, economical equipment and maintenance offered by manufacturers from around the world.


Thermal binding as an additional equipment for Simplemak C1300 and C2000 cutters. Thermal binding …

C1300 and C2000 are machines for highly automated cutting of polyethylene to FIBC (Super Sacks) fabrics that enable cutting …
Big Bag printers are machines designed for printing polypropylene fabrics. Two diameters of the printing drum form …
An autonomous machine that can be attached to any cutting machine or printer, both for a small bag and for a Big Bag.
Big Bag CEx4 and CEx8 loop cut machines are highly efficient automatic loop cutting machines specially designed for …
The P4Ton hydraulic press allows you to iron the bale in the bag. The P1100 pallet press is designed for pressing bags directly on a pallet
Semi-automatic cutting table [MC2000] that handles every cutting process in an easy and inexpensive way. Performance at least …

The 80700CD4HL big bag sewing machine is universally applicable to all seams on container sacks, to attach top covers and to attach …

81300A1HL big bag sewing machine with high needle pitch for very strong side seams in the production of very heavy jute bags …

Spare parts - sewing machines

In our offer you will find a wide range of spare parts for sewing machines. We are currently in the process of preparing the catalog with descriptions. Details on the phone number +48 668 606 126



The start of success begins with a thorough familiarization with the client's requirements. Understanding business and achieving desired results.


The next step is to implement the chosen technology on the client's premises and carry out the commissioning tests.

Individual approach

Based on individual customer needs, we prepare several alternatives and personalized technological solutions.


We compare the previous customer performance with the performance of our equipment.


The customer chooses the right product based on his own guidelines and budget.


The implementation of the new technology is completed when the client is satisfied with achieving his goals.


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